Collapse? Collapse?


Quite a few changes this team made, yes they did. I’m liking what I’m seeing in their front office changes, and defence. And no, it’s not just because they have Roman Polak now (I haven’t forgotten about Stephane Robidas). 

They didn’t really make a lot of changes on offence, except maybe for Mike Santorelli and Petri Kontiola. Those seem more like depth signings, which isn’t really a bad thing. As mentioned in the video, their biggest problem is puck possesion. Maybe the coaching shakeup can change that. And maybe they can teach Phil Kessel to play some damn defence.

James Reimer’s name brings up all manner of reactions in Toronto (from what I’ve heard anyway), and will have his work cut out for him against Jonathan Bernier. Both are good, but it’s Reimer’s job to lose. 

Toronto did some good things, but not enough to make the playoffs. If they do manage to squeeze in, expect an early exit. 

At least their AHL team has been doing well the last few seasons. Exits in round 2, round 3, and the Finals have to be a good sign.